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Ordering Is Easy - Key Information Below

  • Ensure your device is compatible (works on the Network) and eligible (unlocked):
    • For a list of popular compatible devices (device must be 4G VoLTE), see our Support FAQs.
    • Confirm your device is unlocked by using our Unlock Your Device guide or by confirming with your existing carrier.
  • When transferring (porting) your number:
    • DO NOT cancel your number with your current carrier as this will cause you to lose service. Your number will be automatically transferred to Flash Mobile during the porting process.
    • Some carriers will send a text/SMS to confirm you are porting out. Please respond as soon as possible to avoid any delay in service.
    • You’ll need the following information during enrollment:
      • Current carrier account number
      • Current carrier account PIN, porting PIN or transfer PIN
      • Primary Account Holder First Name/Last Name exactly as it appears on the invoice
      • Billing Address on the current account
    • If you placed a ‘Port Restriction’ with your current carrier, you will need to ask the carrier to remove it prior to submitting your order.
    • If you are currently in the process of porting your number to a different carrier, you must cancel that request prior to submitting your order.
    • Old, non-active numbers cannot be ported.
  • Each account created with Flash Mobile must have a unique email address and cannot be used for another Flash Mobile account.
  • To add a line to an account after your initial order is complete, log in to “My Account” and select “Add a Line.”
  • Review the Activation Checklist and the Mobile Discovery Form to jumpstart your enrollment.

Important IBO Number Information:

During the order process, please verify or enter the ID of the ACN IBO who referred you so they will receive credit for your order.